Digital Smart Procurement Platform (DSPP)

Digital Smart Procurement Platform (DSPP)

Vanir Marine’s ultimate goal is to create a digital purchasing ecosystem covering key categories in the global maritime supply chain. International vendors, ship owners/managers, shipyards, and other stakeholders will be encouraged to pool their resources to create better opportunities for all parties.

By subscribing to its Consortia program, all parties will access Vanir Marine’s comprehensive digital catalogue that lists ranges of products and services in key supply categories. As well as providing much-needed standardisation for the industry by using common systems, software, and process flows to harness greater efficiencies.

The pooling of volumes by these consortia of businesses in key categories such as lube oils, chemicals, paints, chandlery, and global logistics will encourage better pricing on long-term contracts with vendors, service providers, manufacturers, and traders. This is a win/win as suppliers will also benefit from guaranteed high-volume orders from reputable clients with complete transaction transparency.

All in all, 79 categories are professionally managed. Within those categories, 11 are governed by constantly maintained 11 global tender groups to ensure best in class conditions and special service contracts with key account focus.

All this is achieved via our team of dedicated full-time professionals with high expectations for collaboration, client /supplier, and consortia active feedback and corporate governance. Members participate opportunity-based and following invitation to ensure like-mindedness of partner on goals and credibility and for payment partnerships with suppliers.

The platform itself is unique in scope and linked to supplier communication, order exchange, integrated eCatalogue with extended functionalities, and contract pricing automation in an auditable fashion—no hidden costs.

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