Catering Services

Vanir Marine can handle all of your catering requirements.

It offers two main options:

  1. A full catering management service option which includes a fully trained professional catering crew approved by Vanir Marine.
  2. A catering management operation with a catering team supplied by you and trained by Vanir Marine to provide a professional service and operations onboard

Two payment plans are available.

  1. A fixed budget lump sum depends on the range of catering services we have agreed upon
  2. A set management fee with third-party supplies and services specially selected by Vanir Marine and paid for by you when procured.

The range of catering services that Vanir Marine can supply is listed below and depends on the individual agreement approved and which service option (1 or 2 above) has been chosen.

  • Effective management of the allocated budgets by Vanir Marine through expert planning and economical arrangement of supplies on a per vessel basis.
  • Effective monitoring of food consumption and guidance on overall crew dietary/nutritional requirements. Assist in day-to-day onboard menu planning.
  • Help with catering crew selection and training in accordance with MLC regulations, food safety standards, and all other relevant International regulations in the shipping industry.
  • Handle all paperwork and administrative accounting processes, including direct payments to vendors. Help to minimize cash purchases.
  • Undertake catering and housekeeping audits to assess whether the overall health/diet/hygiene/food safety/stock control parameters align with industry best practices.
  • Implementation of a strict Food Safety Management System onboard our served vessels.
  • Implement proprietary software onboard client vessels, when available, for 100% paperless transactions and help increase our processes’ overall efficiency.
  • Give access to reports and billing online to our customers via our Customer Web Access. Similarly, promote remote free training courses to client catering crews via our online Learning Management System.

Future Service in Preparation: Technical Catering

Vanir Marine will offer a technical catering service which concentrates on consumables and general stores onboard vessels. This is based on our unique and industry-first eCatalogue that involves and enables participating vessels to be part of the budget and fulfilment process in an amazon-like buying experience with indexing, templating, splitting and budget references at clearly defined qualities for both the RFQ and Goods Received stage controls.

Two payment solutions are available to clients:

  1. A yearly fixed budget is agreed with the client. Then, Vanir Marine plans, executes, and arranges delivery of supplies to the vessels globally within the allocated budgets. The entire supply planning is done directly between the vessels and service provider, requiring no supervision from the shipowner and/or manager on a day-to-day basis. Vanir Marine will ensure strict quality control and maximum product availability with its vendors. It will also manage all the paperwork and accounting administration, including direct payments to vendors. It will also monitor stores and consumable consumption and ensure cash purchases are minimized.

  2. The alternative solution is that Vanir Marine will charge a fixed management fee for offering its technical catering services and invoice the client for deliveries of all agreed stores and consumables ordered on behalf of the client.

Future Developments

Vanir Marine plans to expand its catering services in the near future to include the following:

Medical Chest

Update all vessel medical chests to include COVID-19 medical needs and ensure replenishments when required. Also, oversee the installation of medical chests on vessels where necessary.

Chemical and Cleaning Supplies

Negotiate a global fixed price for the supply of a defined range of essential chemical and cleaning supplies.

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