Reasons why people choose us

Why Choose Vanir Marine

Our philosophy is to obtain the best value goods and services for our clients, determined by a combination of fair price, quality, assured supply, and delivery. This, coupled with our technical innovation and commitment, will enable cost-saving efficiencies for your business.

At Vanir Marine, we understand the importance of trust and building good relationships with all our members and suppliers, which means we can achieve mutually beneficial objectives cooperatively and in a way that guarantees fair competition among suppliers.

Integrity and transparency underpin everything that we do at Vanir Marine. With a passion for supporting as many clients as possible, we believe that openness, transparency, and fairness are essential to each of our business relationships, ultimately saving all stakeholders valuable time and money.

Special benefits for scalability and efficiency come out of state-of-the-art integrated backbone IT systems that have been developed in-house with full access to all stakeholders and eliminating known silo problems and inefficiencies.

New Digital Procurement Platform

Simple Math > Commitment

Based on projected major category contract utilization and a transparent benchmarking process (net/net) Consortia members benefits greatly

Increase Geographical Footprint

Especially for tramping vessels, combined port volumes in secondary, tertiary ports enables bulk storage and local price superiority with consolidation hubs

Automated processing, cutting manual input and handling time for mistakes

Safe and transparent processing through new digital SC platform, powered by Lighthouse > ShipServ function integrated at lower cost for users/suppliers

60 Spent Categories Defined

All major spent types for all types of vessels/area have been defined, for every category normally3 preferred suppliers are selected after auditable quantitative and qualitative selection process, in many categories via best in class tender approach for contract pricing

Major Spend Category; Scientifically Conducted Tenders

Completed for benchmarking: Luboil, Seastock paints, chemicals, charts & navigation, global chandlery, global logistics, global husbandary agency service, underwater inspections, LSA/FFA services, Bridge & Navigation services

Catalogue Functionality

Selection of contracted items enables to prepare, provide catalogues and order lists to go on board, often with key port tender pricing attached. Enabling vessel to focus on well priced and quality/brand defined items

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