Protecting our seafarers effectively

With shock and sadness, we learned from the Maritime Press about the recent accident that happened on board a Chinese vessel causing the death of 12 seafarers, a possible case of food poisoning is suspected. While details about the actual cause of the food poisoning are still unclear, we need to remind ourselves of some […]

Increasing Food Cost v/s Diminishing Food Budget – A Paradox

By Tapan Kumar – Director of Catering Food is one of the most important/crucial items required for human survival, without which they will not be able to function.  Studies show that good food is know to boost morale, results in fewer mood fluctuations, has an overall happier outlook, and improves the ability to focus. Everyone looks […]

Does Synthetic food and Natural food go hand in hand?

Natural nutrients are found within the foods we eat, while synthetic nutrients are found in dietary supplements and fortified foods. When we think of natural vs. synthetic, we often have the misbelief that natural is always better because we are brainwashed to think that synthetic items are dangerous and the “fake version” of natural foods […]

Challenges in Transportation & Logistics faced by supply chain

By Deepak Tayade – Category Management, and Contract Executive Australia’s supply chain has many challenges due to the geography and population density in Australia. The population density as of June 2021 was 3.3 people per square kilometer (sq. km). The population is concentrated along the eastern and south-eastern coasts. In Australia, each region has multiple ports, […]

Adapting to the culture of New Normal an emerging response

By Mr Shaarang Angane – Catering Supervisor The effects of the COVID-19 panic have caused a massive change to our daily lives, changes that have often happened rapidly and abruptly. Sometimes that transition can feel smooth and other times that journey to the new normal is choppy or downright bumpy! This situation is both uncertain and temporary! It’s […]

Day Of The Seafarer
Your Voyage- Then and now, share your journey.

Every seafarer’s journey is unique, but many share in each other’s challenges and opportunities. Vanir Marine and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are one with the maritime industry in celebrating the Day of the Seafarers on the 25th of June. The theme for this year is “Your voyage- then and now, share your journey.” The […]

Contract Signing Ceremony – Skyports and Thome Group

We are extremely delighted to announce Thome Group Signs Partnership with Skyports to Strengthen Maritime Drone Delivery Commercialisation Efforts Infrastructure developer and drone operator Skyports and Thome Group have signed a commercial partnership that will spearhead and strengthen drone delivery services to Singapore’s bustling maritime sector. The agreement represents the next critical step to full-scale […]

More exciting news from the Singapore Maritime week!

As part of the Singapore Maritime Week, Thome Group Vice President of Supply Chain & Managing Director of Vanir Marine, Mr. Peter Schellenberger joins the panel on the Steps Towards Decarbonising the Global Maritime Supply Chain on April 6, 2022, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore. The successful event was participated by industry […]